Tapestries and whimsical products

Tapestries and whimsical products

Made in San Francisco

Buy A 54" High-Res Custom Tapestry


Using cutting edge ink and dye technologies, we'll produce a stunningly intricate, tactile print of any image of your choice. The tapestries will be hemmed and attached to stained wooden dowels that can easily hang on your wall. We will print an image up to 54" x 54" (ask us if you want something bigger).

Please send the highest-resolution image possible for the best results (up to 100 mb). We'll keep the correct proportions.


When will the tapestry be delivered?

In roughly 2 weeks after you order it.

Can I choose any image?

Yes! Send any high-res image you have the rights to use. Really, the largest file you have.

Can I make other customizations?

While we're offering prints up to 54" x 54", one (or both) of these dimensions can be shorter than that. We're just matching the proportions of the image you send, so if it's a horizontal rectangle, it could be, say 54" x 48". We can even do something as narrow as 12" x 54" long. There's also different wood stain options for the dowel rods.

How is it done?

Industrial printers are magical! We're using a latex printer, eco-friendly inks, and lots of patience.

I have no idea what to print.

There's infinite possibilities. For recommendations, there's NASA archives as well as New York Public Library's digital archives, and your own photography as well. Or you can draw something, scan it, and blow it up larger. We can also randomly choose an image for you.

What else can you print on?

We can vinyl wrap your car! Make custom flags. Print one-way images on glass. Create custom Tyvek (!) There's lots of possibilities. Contact us to discuss your projects. We want to figure out all weird printing.